Online LPN Programs – Get the Best Accredited Nursing Education

Online Licensed Practical Nurse program requirements are no different than a brick ‘n mortar educational institution programs.

Online LPN programs require students to study and pass a succinct clinical skills extension and a number of training hours.

Online nursing programs provide both a specific time to log in to the class option, or you can work at your own pace.

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Application Requirements

Before you begin your training, your application requirements may include the following:

• college transcripts
• completed course sciences
• CPR / AED certifications
• GED paperwork
• health exams
• high school diploma
• work experience

learning online

A Licensed Practical Nurse program highlights those healthcare skills a student should already possess, like present nursing knowledge, critical thinking skills, be a problem solver, and professional communication skills.

Take The NCLEX-PN Exam

To be eligible for an LPN license, a medical student must take the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) exam. The NCLEX-PN course exam is called The State Boards or The Boards as nursing students call them.

The Internet-connected LPN training programs must be accredited by The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) to administer this text. To pass the NCLEX-PN exam requires at least a 90+% passing rate.

The NCLEX-PN test typically covers four-course categories that involve a nursing students’ skills, knowledge, and qualifications to meet the demands of becoming an LPN.

The categories include the medical depth of the following:

  • Health Advocacy and Health Nutrition Maintenance
  • The Field of Physiological
  • The Study of Psychosocial Medicine
  • The Proper Environment for Safe and Effective Care

What Are My Courses?

The typical courses taken by nursing students in a long distance virtual school program does not differ from a traditional school program. A few of the courses that you must complete with online LPN classes include an intense study of the following:

  • Anatomy
  • Diseases
  • Legal, cultural, and ethical principles
  • Medical terminology
  • Nursing Ethics
  • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology

Other foundational courses will include studying on specific nursing field topics like pediatrics, gerontology, and family therapy.

When you contact an accredited online school for the NCLEX-PN testing, if you do very well in the above course requirements, you may just test out of taking some of the above nursing education courses. Yes, this saves you money! Ask your online school training instructor to be sure.

Internet Technology For Training

With modern technology, the medical computer-assisted curriculum courses can be acquired through audio files, educational management systems, and streaming video or podcasts. The course paperwork or documents will come to you in PDF files or .DOC files, including printed text and digital copies.

The essence of using online LPN nursing programs means that you must have certain web tools. These can include a reliable Internet connection via laptop, desktop computer, iPad or even a large screen smartphone with a big data plan.

Additional online tools for students to use is a printer, a Webcam or other web-related systems, a headset, and perhaps a note-taking software program like OneNote by Microsoft. Your online school will list the necessary tools each student will need.

How Long Is Training

Internet-connected training programs are generally completed within twelve months. But this timeframe is based on your taking online courses full-time. For part-time students, you can expect to finish your LPN training programs in about two years.

Don’t forget that you still must complete clinical training hours. What this means is that online LPN schools provide great flexible training time, but the schools don’t make your online training any quicker. Speaking of performing clinical training – how is this handled by online LPN training programs?

Licensed Practical Nurse virtual distance clinical program training may or may not help students find their own local on-site medical facilities. Yes, the online LPN schools can easily provide an updated list of your local internship locations.

Clinical training for online LPN students and traditional school students are the same. Students are assigned to hospitals, assisted living facilities, senior citizen centers, and other types of healthcare facilities.

Talk to your online program counselor to find out more about what clinical training you can expect to receive from their Licensed Practical Nurse program.

Virtual Internet Instructors

Who are my instructors? To teach nursing students in their online LPN courses a nursing instructor must have a Bachelor’s Degree. Licensed Practical Nurse instructors must also have at least five years of nursing experience.

Other requirements include a teaching experience and how to use the online school web technology. Plus, they will have gone through a criminal background check, etc.

In addition, instructors may still be working in the nursing industry or they can be instructors full-time on different online school brands.

How To Afford Training

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – school costs. These types of online nurses training programs are about comparable with traditional nursing school programs.

You can acquire financial aid help from grants, government programs, scholarships, and state aid.

Depending on what LPN virtual distance schools you are considering, the school that you have chosen to complete your online LPN training will likely have their own tuition-aid programs.

The financial tuition options can be as low as $4,000 to $5,000, especially if you don’t have to repay anything back. Normally, a typical LPN online program can cost up to $15,000 depending on where you live.

Again, talk to your virtual school counselor because these tuition costs may include everything, but there may also be schools that have students pay for their own equipment like stethoscopes, certain books, uniforms, and more.

Benefits for Internet Training

One of the benefits of taking LPN programs via the Internet is that the virtual schools provide great refresher courses for individuals who left the profession and would like to return to the field.

LPN online schools are designed to train nursing students in a practical way so that they become comfortable working in the clinical environment again.

The obvious benefit of taking LPN classes online is the flexibility it provides that can be centered around your own schedules. Students can keep their jobs and still fulfill all the requirements needed to complete an LPN program.

An online Licensed Practical Nurse program supplies their students with all the virtual classroom support you need. Also, there are no physical constraints like parking, weather, running to classes, and worrying about the fact that you did not shower or eat. This is great because you are in the privacy of your home, healthcare facility, or corporate office.